Welcome To The TVES Health Office

Open 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday - Friday.
Telephone:  749-4244 option 3 
'Nurse Nikki" Stefan RN
'Nurse Randi' Berkson RN, BS
Immunization Information:
Current Requirements for all students.  Why Immunize?
Tdap and MCV Vaccine Requirements "sixth grade vaccinations".
Permission for exemption parental signature required for all exempt vaccines.
Medication Administration:
If your student needs over-the-counter medication at school; simply download the medication permission form sign it and have your child bring to the Health Office before class.   We have available generic Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Benadryl nurse's may administer with signed parental permission.  Signed medication forms are valid for the current school year only.  Telephone permission may be given one time only, medication forms need to be signed for any additional needs.
Medications required to be given daily during school hours, should be brought by parent/guardian and discussed with Health Office staff before starting.
*Please remember that students are prohibited to carry medication during the school day unless preauthorized by the prescribing physician and school nurse.
Food Allergies:
TVES implements the Arizona Resource Guide for students with life-threatening allergies. The Guide provides detailed preventative steps for families, students and school staff to keep your child safe while at school. Please review the guide and complete the Allergy Action Plan with your pediatrician if your student has experienced any severe reaction to food or environmental allergen such as bee stings.  
The Allergy Action Plan is reviewed and signed by your student's Doctor or Allergist at the start of each school year.  It is important to review the plan annually as emergency medications and interventions may need revision as your child grows.
Epi Pens are kept in the student's classroom along with a copy of the student's Individual Healtcare Plan(IHP) /Classroom Accommodations & Allergy Action Plan. Parents are responsible to provide up to date auto injectors with current MD orders.
Parents/guardians are encouraged to complete the IHP/Classroom Accommodations with your student's teacher before the first instruction day for specific accommodations during school hours.  
Our food allergy parent support group is growing!  Currently we are working with the PTG to educate and increase awareness regarding the severity of food allergies.   Please contact Jamie 981-1056  if interested.
Asthma Guidelines For Schools:
If your student has been diagnosed with asthma, we encourage you to complete an Asthma Action Plan with your child's doctor for specific treatment needs during school hours.