Physical Education

What’s up Students and Parents,

I hope you all have had a healthy, active, and safe summer!  I am excited to be back for another school year at Tanque Verde Elementary!  It is crazy to think this will be my 6th year teaching Physical Education.  Time Flies!

I hope you are ready to continue to practice, play, and improve upon your physical literacy in all things Physical Education.  I encourage you to continue to learn, participate, and stay active outside school through extra-curricular activities. 

It is SO VERY  important to aim for 60 MINUTES of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) every single day!

On this web page, I’ve included A TON of resources and activities that you can check out if you need a fun activity to do or need to still get your exercise in for the day.

Remember when you have P.E. each week!  Bring a water bottle, an awesome attitude, and wear athletic shoes!   Don’t be afraid to search for other challenges of skills you know or exploring different fun ways to keep your body moving! 

At Home Equipment

Fundamental Movement Skills to Practice

You can practice reviewing any of the skills we have worked on or the skills that we plan to introduce in PE class this year.   Get creative by using other items at home if you do not have the appropriate equipment. SEE AT HOME EQUIPMENT LIST LINK ABOVE.

 Below, click any of the underlined items or a link to its video or document!

14 Pages of Awesome Elementary P.E. Resources  (Don't skip over this one!)